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Packaging data

First level of packaging

Length: 2m
Width: 1.5m
Gross Weight:1.7 kg
Net Weight: 1.7 kg

Unit of measure: Blanket (each)


Second level of packaging

Length: 0.80m
Width: 0.60m
Height: 0.40m
Volume: 0.192 m3
Gross Weight:  42.5 kg
Net Weight: 42 kg

Unit of measure: Bale (25 blankets each)

Third level of packaging

Length: 1.20m
Width: 0.80m
Height: 1.35m
Volume: 1.30 m3
Gross Weight: 270 kg
Net Weight: 252 kg

Unit of measure: Pallet (6 bales each)

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