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Packaging data

First level of packaging

One wooden box with roof covers
Length: 1.20m
Width: 0.80m
Height: 1.0m
Volume: 0.96 m3
Gross Weight 504 kg
Net Weight 504 kg

One wooden box with fixtures and anchoring devices
Length: 1.20m
Width: 0.80m
Height: 0.60m
Volume: 0.57 m3
Gross Weight: 352 kg
Net Weight: 352 kg 

One bundle of aluminium frames

Length: 5.60m
Width: 1.20m
Height: 0.60m 
Volume: 4.03 m3
Gross Weight: 1021 kg
Net Weight: 1021 kg

Overall Gross Weight: 1877 kg
Overall Volume: 5.56 m3


Second level of packaging

Wooden box with roof covers: 2 per pallet

Wooden box with fixtures and anchoring devices: 3 per pallet

Bundle of aluminum frames: too large for pallet

Third level of packaging

3 complete 10x24m MSU per 20' container (space for 1 extra pallet)
5631 kg per 20' container

6 complete 10x24m MSU per 40' container (space for 6 extra pallets)
11262 kg per 40' container

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