For more than 10 years, Alex Quarcoo Agbebianu has been working hard behind the scenes as a storekeeper in UNHRD Accra. He is in charge of all the outbound shipments- that means making sure that items move out of the warehouse smoothly, are handled and loaded correctly, whether on a truck on an aircraft, and he ensures that these are documented correctly and in a timely manner. But Alex’s job doesn’t end there. Not only does he ensure goods arrive, he often finds himself at the final destination supporting partners with the installation of the equipment sent.
Alex was recently sent on a mission to the WHO regional headquarters in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. The purpose of his operation was to build two “linked offices” for the WHO, applying his technical knowledge to physically build the structures and train local labourers.

Setting up the offices is an extensive process. Attention to detail is crucial even before the physical labour begins. The early steps include the pre-assessment of the area, choosing a location, measuring the ground, and marking the exact position where the structure will be built. The next steps include drawing a line to align the base plates with a full threaded bolt while arranging and carrying the floor onto the base plates. One must then level all the sections of the floor prior to fixing the wall panels, windows, doors and roof according to the order of the arrangement. The final step of this process is placing a tarpaulin cover over the structure’s roof.
The technical training that Alex facilitates includes all the information presented above in practical details. Within a lecture setting, the trainees are also familiarized with the various spare parts involved in the building process, specifying the roles each individual part plays. This training takes place prior to the start of the office installation. 

This mission was Alex’s second operation constructing offices at WHO’s headquarters in Brazzaville. Other tasks he has taken on as a part of the RRT include assessments for both wiikhall and office accommodations, land surveying for office locations, and the installation and dismantling of MSUs. He has acquired significant experience in such projects and is currently working in Tchad to conduct assessments for WFP MSUs in all the warehouses throughout the country.

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