Thank you to Norway once again for the continued support to UNHRD. Norway is one of the UNHRD’s key donors, and since the Network’s inception has been invaluable in its expansion, helping to sustain its worldwide operations, and contributing to building relief item stockpiles in strategic locations.
This latest contribution will further foster developments toward an innovative and unique platform that facilitates procurement, prepositioning and delivery of life-saving assistance. Moreover, UNHRD will further empower its LAB, providing Partners and organizations with the latest field items that incorporate more advanced and greener technologies, with lesser negative impact on beneficiaries and local environments. In 2016, the LAB demonstrated excellence through the development of insulated mobile storage units powered by renewable energy, working closely with several private partners and Universities. 

The number of UNHRD Partners currently stands at 81, and Norway’s generous contribution will allow UNHRD to better serve them, helping to ensure that life-saving assistance is duly and promptly delivered to those in need.

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