Field Support,

Innovation is critical to enable the United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot to provide supply chain solutions to the international humanitarian community


The UNHRD Lab is a research and development unit that engages in efforts to improve logistics support equipment and packaging solutions. In collaboration with academia, partner organizations and the private sector, it reviews, tests and provides the best specifications for field items that incorporate new and green technologies and user-friendly parts.

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Technical advice
Providing partners the best specifications on logistic equipment.
Finding new, tailor made solutions to field challenges.
Standardizing items to maximize economies of scale and encourage loan
Green technology
Providing easy-to-set-up and cost- effective green solutions.

HRD Field Team

UNHRD offers technical assistance for specialized logistics services through its field team. These highly skilled technicians are deployed upon request. At the onset of an emergency, the team works to prevent any potential bottlenecks in the receiving areas, managing cargo reception and dispatch, installing mobile warehouses and setting up office space, training of local staff and, should the emergency demand it, setting up treatment units and decontamination bays.


In addition to the depots’ warehousing facilities, UNHRD provides a range of fully equipped training services and facilities across the Network where various humanitarian trainings can be held. Moreover, as part of WFP’s efforts to enhance emergency preparedness and disaster response, humanitarian organizations can also use UNHRD’s training facilities for scenario-based exercises and simulations to prepare local partners, government counterparts, contractors and WFP staff for the field.

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