Humanitarian Procurement Centre

UNHRD is recognized by ECHO as a Humanitarian Procurement Centre (HPC)

What is an HPC?

Technical support

HPCs are not-for-profit organizations that specialize in managing supplies and services for humanitarian activities. They provide technical support in procuring stocks and have other logistics capabilities.

Integrity and transparency

To be certified as an HPC, UNHRD has proven it maintains high standards of integrity and transparency, and will provide procurement services to ECHO’s humanitarian partners on an equal basis regarding price, performance and quality.

Goods and services

UNHRD can support ECHO’s partners by supplying goods and services in various areas, including water and sanitation, shelter, engineering, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, medical, prosthetic technology, veterinary, food, livelihoods and transport.

What are the benefits for Partners?

Now, ECHO’s humanitarian partners who are part of the UNHRD Network can procure goods and services through UNHRD using a single quote procedure and place orders without the competitive tendering process. Partners are assured that ECHO has already assessed UNHRD’s fair tendering and pricing structures, and therefore they do not need to conduct their own assessment or price comparison. By certifying UNHRD as an HPC, ECHO considers that any procurement undertaken fulfills the best value principle.

Furthermore, Partners are assured that they are respecting the minimum procurement requirements and obligations established by ECHO, irrespective of the amount of the contract. This creates simplified and more efficient procurement processes as it reduces extra financial and administrative work.

This new certification will greatly assist ECHO’s humanitarian partners who currently benefit from other UNHRD services, such as free storage of their relief items and equipment.

To procure through UNHRD, please contact: