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Information and guidelines

Benefits of being a UNHRD partner

  • Our strategically located depots ensure that emergency goods reach those in need
  • Our supply chain services range from procurement to delivery, allowing for an effective and efficient response
  • As a common logistics platform we promote a loan-borrow system and cargo consolidation
  • Our depots also serve as regional staging areas to channel relief items to emergency locations
  • With many organizations under one roof, our efforts are consolidated and our goods and services are offered at competitive rates
  • Through the UNHRD LAB, we work with suppliers to develop innovative products and systems for humanitarian response

    How to become a partner

    In order to become a UNHRD partner, organisations sign a Technical Agreement (TA) that provides the basic terms and conditions of the partnership. It is a standard agreement signed by all partners. The TA template can be found here We recommend potential partners read the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that provide guidelines and procedures for access to and usage of any of the depots with the UNHRD network. You can read the SOPs here. Please contact to start the process of becoming a UNHRD partner.