4.8 Create Funds Reservations

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Create Funds Reservations
Performer: Finance
Role: Finance Officer
Transaction : WingsII – FMX1

To create a Funds Reservation use the following path:

Accounting > Public Sector Management > Funds Management > Posting > Earmarked Funds > Funds Reservation > Create


In the ‘Create InitScrn’ screen enter these details:

  • Document type ‘SA’ (for Sub Allotment)
  • Company Code ‘WFP’
  • Currency/rate ‘USD
  • press ‘Enter’


For each WBS line item of the Budget Request BUT the MCR line, fill now the following details in the ‘Create Overview’ screen:

  • Doc.text: SO number / PI number (‘2xxxxxxx / 87xxxxxx’)
  • Overall amount: amount of the relevant WBS line item from the Budget Request
  • Text: here, enter the PI number followed by the description used in the PI for this line item
  • Commitment Item: the Commitment Item that was used in the Budget Request for this WBS Element
  • Funds Center: ‘ITHS’
  • Fund: ‘2000001’
  • Functional Area: ‘SHRD’


Scroll to the right, and then fill:

  • G/L Account: ‘Z700400’ for ODOC (S.0001.4.xx.xxx) or ‘Z700500’ for DSC (S.0001.5.xx.xxx)
  • Business Area: ‘ITHS’
  • WBS Element: the WBS Element used in the relevant Budget Request line


  • Press ‘Save’ 1.2.2 15.png

The system will provide you with a Funds Reservation number:


NOTE: DO NOT create a line for the MCR (WBS Element S.0001.5.99).