5.13 Complete shipping document package and send Delivery Pre-alert

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Release CMR for Container Transport to the Port (Shipping)
Performer: Logistics
Role: Logistics Assistant
Transaction :

5.13.1 Release CMR for Container Transport to the Port (Shipping)[edit]

Check and sign the CMR.

5.13.2 Receive the Bill of Lading for the Shipping Company[edit]

5.13.3 Communicate dispatch to Customer Service[edit]

Inform the Customer Service that goods have been dispatched and communicate the expected arrival date via corporate e-mail.

5.13.4 Retrieve the Service PO confirmed by supplier[edit]

The confirmation was received from the Supplier via corporate e-mail.

5.13.5 Fill in the Handling Service Report[edit]

The Operation Service Report (HSR) is prepared stating whether the activities were performed by UNHRD or subcontractors. The HSR must contain the following information:

  • Customer
  • PI Number
  • Supplier PO Number
  • Packing list number ?
  • Flight Number and date
  • Airlift type
  • Type of service and executor
  • Working hours by executor