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Purchase Requisition creation, change and release
Performer: Customer Service
Role: C.S. Representatives
Transaction : ME51N


When funds availability is in place the procurement of services and goods is started by the creation of a Purchase Requisition.

If Customer Service is asked to procure a specific item (not considered in our current LTAs) then should be discussed with Procurement before making firm commitment to the Partner. In this way, Procurement can check to see if may be procured competitively (at least three vendors available) or a waiver would be required. If it seems that a Waiver would be required then we check with UNHRD Procurement Authorities first to see if they concur with the justification. This logic applies also to the Loans & Borrowing cases.

NOTE: Only in exceptional cases the Procurement of goods can be also performed by through the use of Petty cash. For these cases, it is strictly required to provide a Note for the Record to detail the reasons for that exceptional use; if required the upload of Inventory Stock can be sub-sequentially performed by Support Office upon receipt of a aforesaid Note for the Record, as justification of manual upload. Procurement thru Petty cash can be adopted also in case of Loans/Borrowing process. All relevant costs have to be captured and reflected in the final Debit Note indicating the Petty Cash document registered in Wings. Anyhow it is recommended to avoid the use of Petty Cash to procure NFIs meant for Inventory Stock and to restrict it only to exceptional cases.

Create Purchase requisition

To create a new Purchase Requisition follow the path below or go to transaction ME51N

Logistics > Material Management > Purchasing > Purchase Requisition Create Purchase requisition

Prc 1.png

• Select the appropriate Purchase requisition by selecting it from the scroll down menu:

Prc 2.png

• The PRs most typically used are those listed below:

Prc 2.1.png

• Select the appropriate Purchase requisition by selecting it from the self-explanatory option on the scroll down menu:

Prc 3.png

NOTE: Create a PR NFI-Goods Waiver only in case authorization for waived procurement has been obtained from management thru procurement section by specification of reason for waiving.

• Enter in the Header text as many details as possible to better define the reason for procurement (e.g. CS and PI number, long description of services or goods):

Prc 4.png

• Depending on the funds details provided and the purpose of PR raise, select one of the Account assignments listed below:

Prc 5.png

Procurement of on-demand goods

On-demand procurement is applied to those sales that involve procurement of items that don’t fall under the standard variety of goods procured by UNHRD. These non-standard goods are neither those procured thru WFP LTAs nor those classified as Corporate Stock; they consist of any non-standard item that might be requested by either Internal or External Partners. Below specifications apply for the creation of the Purchase Request in case of on-demand sale:

- Account assignment: is either Q in case of internal Partner or P in case of external Partner

- Material code: it has to be selected from the range of material codes starting with the letter "BO" (e.g. BO71622001); in case the material is not available in the system, the material code field can be exceptionally left empty (even if Q is applied as Account Assignment) and entered when the proper material code is created (i.e. when Procurement activity is completed and material specifications are available). Release from Finance can be requested even if the material code is not entered, by clearly specify that the process includes on-demand procurement. It could be helpful to enter the text 'On-demand procurement' in the PR header text. Entering of material code once created does not effect the PR release. When material code is entered on a later stage, Valuation Type has to be entered and valuation price has to be re-entered.

- Material group: in case the material to be adopted does not exist in the system, select the proper material group that applies to the goods.

- Storage location: Storage Location '0004' applies to 'ON-DEMAND PROC'.

- WBS element: in line with related SO, the WBS element associated to the Partner applies.

Procurement of services and goods thru Project Number and Fund Reservation

In case of procurement of services and goods against a project (i.e. WBS element) and fund reservation is provided (e.g. Prc 6.png) enter “P” as account assignment category in case of procurement of NON WFP NFI otherwise select “Q” to procure WFP NFI materials for prepositioned stock in UNHRD warehouses:

Prc 7.png

• Select “Standard” in the Item Category (column “I”) in case of NFI Goods procurement or “D” to procure services:

Prc 8.png

• Click on Prc 9.png

• In case of procurement of NFI Goods and Account Assignment category adopted is “Q” (i.e. procurement of stock inventory for WFP -internal Partners), enter the material code in the column “Material”:

Prc 10.png

NOTE: To create a PR for new items which are not classified in WINGS (e.g. under new LTA), the Material Master Creation Form has to be completed to request the creation of new materials in WINGS: by filling in the form all the specs required for the creation will be available for the creation and the PR creator can adopt the new code in the PR as well. Upon arrival of the items, changes on the Material Master Database can be applied in case changes from the original information provided are observed by the storekeeper during the inspection of received items (e.g. level of packagings). request for not yet classified materials has to be submitted to the Process Expert and Local Process Expert. In case Account Assignment category adopted is “P” (procurement of NOWFP NFI for External Partner) enter the material code, even if not mandatory, as the PONF represents the reference for the creation of the following POWN required to receive in Warehouse Management the items procured for External Partners.

• To identify the material code click on the dropdown menu icon Prc 11.png and enter part of the material description in the Material description field begin and followed with a “*”:

Prc 12.png

• Click on Prc 13.png. The system will return the list of all the items that contain the keyword searched:

Prc 14.png

• Select the material that has to be procured and click on Prc 13.png:

Prc 15.png

NOTE: In case material code is entered, the system will automatically fill the Short Text and the Material Group.

HINTS In case the items are subject to the return upon LOAN/BORROWING process, enter '0003 in the Storage location field.

• Enter the quantity, “EA” as Order of unit of measure, “D” as Date Category, and the delivery date in the format dd.mm.yyyy

• If Account assignment category contains “F”, “P” or “Z”, enter the relevant information in the Material Group Field by clicking on the dropdown menu icon Prc 16.1.png and click on Prc 17.png to enter the most sensible keyword to search for the best code begin and followed by a “*” :

Prc 18.png

• Click on Prc 19.png and the system will position the cursor on the first Material Group Description containing the keyword. Click on Prc 20.png to find the next selection containing the same keyword:

Prc 21.png

• Click on the preferable entry and click on Prc 22.png .

• Enter the delivery plant (place where the material will be delivered at):

Prc 23.png

• the Purchasing group (ref. to the Procurement office at hub level that will issue the PO):

Prc 24.png

• In the Requisnr. field enter one of the text below depending on the case scenario:

- In case of regular replenishment/stock implementation, enter the name of the Partner that requested the Sales

- In case of Direct Delivery Sales Order, enter the letters 'DD' followed by the name of the supplier (e.g. DD-O.B.Wiik)

- In case of Loan/Borrowing process, enter the name of the Partner that lent the items (e.g. IRISH AID)

- In case of Procurement from WHITE STOCK, enter the name of the supplier followed by the Plant (e.g. OB Wiik-AEHD)

Prc 25.png

NOTE: the Requisnr. field can record max 12 digits

• Click on Prc 26.png on the top-left side of the screen.

• In case of procurement of services fill in the Service tab fields circled below:

Prc 27.png

• Enter the account assignment details:

Procurement of services and goods thru Internal Order

In case of Internal Order details provided (AAs “F”) follow same instructions provided before and in the account assignment view enter the Order number; then click on More:

Prc 28.png

- Enter the Cost Category provided and “1” as Availablity type (the system will fill the information circled in blue automatically) - Click on Prc 29.png on the top-left side of the screen so that the system will enter all the funds information blue below:

Prc 30.png

- Click on Prc 31.png on this screen and on the Account Assignments one - Enter the appropriate WBS element (in line with the SO created), as shown in the printshot below - The system will populate the fields circled in blue above; Cost Category and Avail.type are normally requested when PR is created against Internal Order, meaning for any other procurement than UNHRD Special Business’s. - Click on Prc 32.png on the top-left side of the screen so that the system will enter all the funds information blue below:

Prc 33.png

- Click on Prc 34.png on this screen and on the Account Assignments one

 HINTS: To change the currency click on Prc 35.png : and modify the defaulted currency (USD) to the required one (e.g. EUR):
 Prc 36.png

- Click on Prc 37.png

• Click on the Valuation tab and under the PO Price select “As gross price” to allow the PO to adopt the value entered:

Prc 38.png

• Also enter the appropriate Valuation type selecting one of the following options marked with an X (the material master data is extended in the system for the appropriate Valuation types):

Prc 39.png

• Enter the SO number and line item in the appropriate fields of the WFP DATA tab:

Prc 40.png

 NOTE: The system eventually warns on the fact that the line of the SO is already used or deleted, but allows PR saving.

• Enter further line items if required and click on Prc 41.png to check the data entered. • If the system does not return any error click on Prc 42.png to Save the PR.

HINTS: in case there are any problems with the account assignment or in case of data entry involving several line items the system can keep the PR on hold by clicking on Prc 43.png: the system will assign a number to allow following access for PR finalization. Ensure that PR total value is in line with Down Payment and Sales Order in terms of materials, quantities, values and WBS elements.

Procurement of Assets

In case it is required to procure any goods for office use (not meant for Inventory stock) with value above USD 5000, it is required to create the asset number to be associated to the acquisition of items. In order to procure Assets, perform all the above steps and after all the details on the PR are inserted (valuation included) Enter A in the account assignment field:

Prc 57.png

Prc 58.png

Enter the Business Area ITHS and click on “Additional data” button:

Prc 59.png

Click on the “Time-dependent” and enter the Internal order in the “Int. order” field

Prc 60.png

Click on the Enter icon so that the system will populate the bottom part of the screen with the remaining details:

Prc 61.png

Go back and click on the Distribute (enter button):

Prc 62.png

The system will enter the Asset number:

Prc 63.png

Purchase requisition release

PR has to be released at 0 level to proceed with following release and conversion into a PO.

NOTE Before to proceed with PR release, run the Logistics Reconciliation Report (thru transactions ZSCR126) to check if all the PR lines are well linked to SO lines. Enter the SO number in the field highlighted below and click on WMSB 6.png:


Apply the '/SCF Layout':


Only once all the SO lines are linked to related PR lines, the release of the PR can be started.


Follow the path below to release the PR at 0 level or type transaction ME54N:

Prc 44.png

•Click on Prc 45.png to enter the PR number that has to be released; enter the number and click on Prc 46.png :

Prc 47.png

•Click on Prc 48.png to release ea line item and repeat the operation on all the line items:

Prc 49.png

 HINTS: to navigate between the line items listed in the PR click on the up and down arrows:
 Prc 50.png

•Click on Prc 51.png to accept the changes and click on Prc 52.png to Save the Purchase Request.

•If you need to need to release more than one line item, select the line items that require to be released: to select all the items just click on the blue-circled icon Prc 53.png otherwise just click on the green-circled square Prc 54.png of ea line that requires to be released.

Prc 55.png

•Just click no the red-circled flag Prc 56.png and save it.

The PR has to be submitted to Finance FA release, before Procurement Unit turns it into PONF or POS.

Change a PR

To change a PR run transaction ME52N or follow the path below:

Prc 64.png

•The system will return the information on last PR processed:

Prc 65.png

•Click on Prc 66.png to enter the number of the PR that requires to be changed.

•Enter the PR number and click on Prc 67.png :

Prc 68.png

•Apply the changes required and save the PR taking into account that in case of increase of PR value the release is affected so that the PR must be released at 0 and RA level again.