10.3 NFI Receipt

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Post Good Receipt against PO for NFI and POWM

Edit and Print Inspection Report

Go to transaction MB02 or follow the patch below:

Logistics > Materials Management > Inventory Management > Material Document > MB02 – Change


Enter the Material Document and hit IR2.png:


The system displays the details of the GR posted:


Click on IR5.png and type in the line item number:


In the Text field type any required remarks:


Click on IR8.png Enter ZE01 as Output and EN as language:


Click on IR9II.png and enter “PDF Test Printer” as logical destination and match the 2 options circled below and hit IR2.png and on IR9.png to return to previos screen:


Select the line Output created and click on IR11.png:


Select “Send with application own transaction” as Requested processing:


Hit IR2.png and on IR9.png to return to previous screen and click on IR13.png twice.

Click on “Material Document” and on Process Output:


The system will prompt the Document number automatically; enter ZE01 in the Output Type field and 1 in the Processing Mode field and hit on IR15.png:


NOTE In case it is requried to reprint or resave and Inspection Report already processed, entre 3 as Processing Mode.

Select the material document and hit on IR15.png:


The system will return the Inspection Report form that can ebe ither saved on the computer as Adobe file or printed out on local printer after the required information have been entered:


Fill in the cells by entering the informtaion required to complete the printout in the editable fields (in gray) such as the delivery date, the packaging details, the weight of cargo received, observation on the materials, if any, name of who inspected the materials and date of inspection.

Hit on IR13.png to save the report and select the preferred location on local computer:


Browse for the desired location, change file name if required and hit on IR20.png

NOTE The C: drive of your computer is listed as 'Local Disk Y:'. Don't save the Inspections Reports on the 'Desktop' ad the one shown it is related to Citrix Server, not the desktop on user's computer.

To print the Inspection Report click on IR21.png. The system shows the default printer set on the local computer; anyother printer installed on it can be selected from the drop-down menu:


Select a local printer and hit on OK.

To save the Inspection Report click on List on the menu bar on the top, then on Save and File:


Select the preferred format (“Spreadsheet” is recommended) and hit IR24.png. Select the directory from the browse icon and chen click on Desktop and on Computer to save the INspection Report on the preferred locaiton on the server or local disk.