11.1 Report for Logistics Reconciliation

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Activity Report - Outbound Deliveries Monitor
Performer: Logistics
Role: Logistics Officers & Assistants
Transaction : WINGS II - ZSCR126

In order to perform a control on the sales and operational activities, a system tool can be adopted to monitor the UNHRD Sales Orders. The Report for Logistics Reconciliation can be used for such purpose as it represents all the stages of the a Sale process, from the creation of the precedent postings (inquiries and quotations) to the creation of any consequent standard postings such as Proforma Invoices, Debit Notes, Outbound deliveries and their following entries (Logitics Invoice verification -LIV-, Good Issue -GI-, Proof of Delivery -POD-, etc.) and any other Procurement and Finance postings that are manually linked to the SOs. If it is only required to perform a check operational activities, Activity Report - OD Monitor at paragraph 11.2 applies.

This report is used as base for the UNHRD Dashboard.

In order to access the report for Logistics Reconciliation go to transaction ZSCR126. The system shows the option below: