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Receive new UNHRD Customer NFI/Service Request
Performer: DOTS Focal Points
Role: DOTS Local Focal Points
Transaction : DOTS report

At each hub level, the hub manager nominates a DOTS focal point who grants consistency of local sales and operational data by the use of UNHRD Alerts page on DOTS. Ideally an alternate to the mail Focal point should be nominated too , to perform same roles in case of focal point absence. Below the tasks to be performed;

List of duties of DOTS focal point: Perform a weekly check of data related to operations by accessing the “UNHRD Alerts” page on DOTS and disseminate information at hub level to grant consistency of sales and operational data: • Check the number of SO in progress and compare it with data related to previous week • Consult the list of SOs in progress and notify SO creators for outstanding SOs, if reasons are not known. • When required, escalate to Hub Manager the long outstanding SOs • Submit to Hub manager the graphic related to SOs in progress (sample graphic below):