3.15 Send authorized Pro Forma Invoice to Customer

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Pro Forma Invoice to Customer
Performer: Customer Service
Role: C.S. Representatives
Transaction : Corporate e-mail

The PI has to be sent to the UNHRD Partner with reference to the Inquiry number via UNHRD Customer Service e-mail account. All involved parts should be copied in the message (e.g. the hub manager, Logistics Officer, and all staff that are part of the Customer Service team at hub level).

NOTE UNHRD.Customerservice mail account must not be copied in the mail to the Partner, to avoid duplication of messages in the Customer Service Inbox.

In case of Sales to Internal Partner, the below standard text has to be included in the message:

If PI is in line with your requirement please sign and return the PI along with a ZPO created as per below instructions and with complete consignee details .

Please let us know the related PO number and kindly send us the PI signed (below instructions for ease of reference) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

ZINT PO line items must mirror the Proforma Invoice received by UNHRD.

1) Vendor number: 60000000; 2) PO type: ZINT PO; 3) Purchasing Org: INTL 4) Account Assignment: o P or F (in accordance with Budget set up); o A: for Asset 5) Material Group o NFI: select the appropriate corporate code assigned to the specific item; o Services: U002002; o MCR: U002001;







In case of Asset purchase, items should be capitalized and calculated as follows o Unit price plus all services (except MCR) o One line item to be created for each asset

Insert in the WFP data field the SO number and item reference for each line of the ZINT PO (SO can be displayed trough transaction VA03)


Attached you find some instructions on how to create a ZINT PO and how to fill in SO Reference fields highlighted in yellow above.

If you need any further information please feel free to contact us.

When replying, please reply to all