3.21 Forward signed PI to Logistics

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Request Replenishment & Services Costs Estimate
Performer: Customer Service
Role: C.S. Representatives
Transaction : Corporate e-mail (not UCS mailbox)

Forward signed PI to Logistics unit and confirm the destination address of goods / service.

Note Hint: to view the list of SOs, use transaction VA05 or follow the path below:

Logistics > Materials Management > Purchasing > Master Data > Subsequent Settlement > Customer Rebate Arrangements > Environment > Customer > Environment > List of sales orders


Select the Customer (‘Sold-to party’) by clicking on the drop down-menu icon:


Enter the search term in the ‘Name’ field and click on 1.2.2 13.png:


The system will prompt with all the entries that contain the search term:


Select the appropriate customer and click on 1.2.2 13.png. The system will populate the customer code in the Sold-to-party field:


To define the search you can select the criteria below and click 1.5 1.png:


Then fill in the following information:

  • Sales Organisation: ‘SHRD’
  • Distribution Channel: ‘CS’
  • Division: ‘01’
  • Press ‘Enter’


If you wish to restrict the search to a specific Hub enter the plant in the ‘Sales office’ field (e.g. ‘AEHD’); there are some variants that can be selected by clicking on Displayvariant.png; click on 1.2.2 13.png; the system will return the list below:


The columns can be sorted, filtered, etc. and the list can also be saved as usual (see the screen shots below):

List > Save > File


Save the list as a Spreadsheet in a folder of choice:


To select a folded of choice follow the instructions in the Chapter 2.3 Print the Provisional Packing List