3.2 Create Sales Order

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Create Sales Order
Performer: Customer Service
Role: C.S. Representatives
Transaction : WINGSII - VA01

Create Sales Order: confirmation of Partner's requests

Once the preliminary confirmation is received from the Customer, proceed with the creation of the Sales Order with reference to the Quotation. Follow the menu path described below:

Logistics > Sales and Distribution > Sales > Sales Order > Create


Create Sales Order: Initial Screen

In the Initial Screen, insert this mandatory parameter:


The system lets you choose from a selection of Sales Document Types; only ZHNO and ZHWO are allowed for UNHRD. Select the appropriate one according to the nature of the Customer request, i.e. ZHNO for external Customers, ZHWO for internal Customers.


Click on ‘Create with Reference’ and insert the Quotation number on which the Sales Order should be based and click on ‘Copy’. If a Quotation is taken over by another Hub until the delivery completion, update the Sales Office and Sales Group accordingly:


Enter the Quotation number and click on ‘Copy’:


Create Sales Order: Overview

The Sales Order is populated automatically by inheriting all the header and line items information contained in the Quotation. For tracking purposes, insert the Inquiry number inside the ‘PO Number’ field:


NOTE only for exceptional circumstances (e.g. time constraints) it is allowed to start the sales process from the Sales Order, by creating it without reference to Quotation and Inquiry. This exception has to be authorized by the hub manager.

To check if all mandatory fields have been filled, select the menu path below:

Edit > Incompletion log


Missing data to complete the Quotation will be displayed in the Incompletion Log list. Click on the ‘Select All’ icon Selectall.png and then on ‘Complete Data’:


The system will directly lead you to the fields that need to be completed in order to finalize the document. Generally the only field to be completed is the ‘Valuation Type’ against each line material line item entered. Based on the assigned WBS element, the proper ‘Valuation Type’ must be indicated to identify the type of material, as it can be extended to both WFP and Non-WFP Customers. Click on the Valuation Type drop down menu:


If the WBS element is linked to WFP NFI stock, select ‘WFP NFI’ as ‘Valuation Type’ from the drop down menu:


Proceeding through the black arrow Blackarrow.png , the system will show the following message:


Press ‘Enter’.

Once all mandatory fields have been filled, the system will confirm the completeness of the Sales Order document with the following message:


Record the means of transport

In case of requirement for shipment, when know at this stage the means of transport has to be recorded by clicking on GO\Header\Shipping:


Select the required means of transport from the drop-down menu of the Shipping type field:


Select the code for the means of transport that applies to the shipment:


NOTE The list of codes to be adopted for UNHRD Outbound Deliveries should be limited to those in the table below where explanations of their adoption is provided

Shipping type codes available in WINGS Shipping type Descriptions available in WINGS Explanation
M1 Air Air commercial -small cargo-
M2 Charter Air charter - full chartered aircraft-
M3 Liner Sea
M5 Truck Land

Means of transport selected will be inherited by the following OD; it can be also changed to any other code if required.

Save the Sale order

If all mandatory fields have been filled in click on Save 1.2.2 15.png.

The system will generate the Sales Order number for your reference. To be noted that only once the SO is saved the system automatically inserts the MCR line. This will be added as last line of the SO and will be visible only once the SO is saved the first time. It is possible to revise the SO lines or ad further services after first saving: the system recalculates the MCR accordingly, even if these further lines are added after the MCR's line.

NOTE: Wrong material code adopted for any of the service lines can be changed after SO is saved, and at any giving time before Debit Note is issued, by accessing Change Sales Order (transaction VA02); from the SO Overview click on the Item Detail tab, select the line that required to be changed by clicking on the navigation arrows SOnavigationpane.png, or directly by selecting it from the list of service lines of the SO, and edit the Material field:


Before to start the material code change take note of the PO00 value entered in the conditions and the WBS element (that in case of transport must always be S.0001.4.05.001 for Procurement TP Services). This action is required since the system resets such data when material codes are changed. This event is prompted by the system thru some warning messages (e.g. SOWarning1.png, SOWarning2.png and SOWarning3.png). Press Enter and continue editing the effected line by adding the transport cost by entering the PR00 value in the Conditions tab and the WBS element in the Account assignment tab. Click on Save 1.2.2 15.png to apply the change on material code in the SO. Above change can be also applied if a PI is already issued.

The progressive number assigned by the system is within the range of 0000000001- 0001999999 for the Internal Sales Order and 0002000001- 0002999999 for the External ones and it is assigned progressively regardless of Plant/Hub location specified.


Note Hint:In case of shared shipment (e.g. two or more Partners requesting separately for transport services for cargoes on shared flight) and where there might be the need of single consignee that receives the cargoes for all the Partners sharing a flight, a consolidated Packing List can be issued by listing all material line items (which are only logistics relevant) in the main Sales Order (e.g. the one with higher value or higher weight). In this way, a consolidated packing list can be created for the shared shipment instead of having one packing list vs each SO required. UCS representative has to create as many SOs as Partner’s requests received.

Sales Order in case of Loans and Borrowing or in case of Cash Repayment

In case loan of items is agreed between partners through UNHRD bargaining, the SO specifications are not affected: all information will be entered as a standard SO, without entering any information regarding either the loan or the lender. An all comprehensive explanation of Loans & Borrowing process can be found in the 3.3.1 Sales Order with Loans and Borrowing. Also in case of cash repayment, by meaning a sale between partners through UNHRD bargaining the SO specifications are not affected. An all comprehensive explanation of Cash Repayment process can be found in the 3.3.2 Sales Order with Cash Repayment document.