3.2 Create Sales Order

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Create Sales Order
Performer: Customer Service
Role: C.S. Representatives
Transaction : WINGSII - VA01

Once the preliminary confirmation is received from the Customer, proceed with the creation of the Sales Order with reference to the Quotation. Follow the menu path described below:

Logistics > Sales and Distribution > Sales > Sales Order > Create


3.2.1 Create Sales Order: Initial Screen

In the Initial Screen, insert this mandatory parameter:


The system lets you choose from a selection of Sales Document Types; only ZHNO' and ZHWO are allowed for UNHRD. Select the appropriate one according to the nature of the Customer request, i.e. ZHNO for external Customers, ZHWO for internal Customers.


Click on ‘Create with Reference’ and insert the Quotation number on which the Sales Order should be based and click on ‘Copy’. If a Quotation is taken over by another Hub until the delivery completion, update the Sales Office and Sales Group accordingly:


Enter the Quotation number and click on ‘Copy’:


3.2.2 Create Sales Order: Overview

The Sales Order is populated automatically by inheriting all the header and line items information contained in the Quotation. For tracking purposes, insert the Inquiry number inside the ‘PO Number’ field:


NOTE only for exceptional circumstances (e.g. time constraints) it is allowed to start the sales process from the Sales Order, by creating it without reference to Quotation and Inquiry. This exception has to be authorized by the hub manager.

To check if all mandatory fields have been filled, select the menu path below:

Edit > Incompletion log


Missing data to complete the Quotation will be displayed in the Incompletion Log list. Click on the ‘Select All’ icon Selectall.png and then on ‘Complete Data’:


The system will directly lead you to the fields that need to be completed in order to finalize the document. Generally the only field to be completed is the ‘Valuation Type’ against each line material line item entered. Based on the assigned WBS element, the proper ‘Valuation Type’ must be indicated to identify the type of material, as it can be extended to both WFP and Non-WFP Customers. Click on the Valuation Type drop down menu:


If the WBS element is linked to WFP NFI stock, select ‘WFP NFI’ as ‘Valuation Type’ from the drop down menu:


Proceeding through the black arrow Blackarrow.png , the system will show the following message:


Press ‘Enter’. Once all mandatory fields have been filled, the system will confirm the completeness of the Sales Order document with the following message: