UNHRD is generously supported by the following donors:


The Government of Ghana kindly provides space within the Kotoka International Airport in Accra for the recently completed depot and generously contributes to the operating costs.


The Government of Ireland has been one of UNHRD’s key donors since 2006, enabling UNHRD to expand from one depot to a global network. Ireland was instrumental in the completion of the Accra facilities and continues to generously contribute to the Network. They utilise UNHRD’s comprehensive services to support their emergency response efforts and are strong supporters of the initiatives designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of UNHRD.


The Government of Italy is a longstanding supporter of UNHRD and the first country to host a UNHRD depot, kindly providing the premises for the Brindisi hub since its inception in 2000. With generous yearly contributions, Italy supports the Brindisi hub as the backbone of UNHRDs global response, relying on it for emergency operations and stock prepositioning.


Thanks to the Government of Malaysia’s generous support, the UNHRD Kuala Lumpur hub was built in 2012. Malaysia continues to provide valuable annual contributions to UNHRD and is a key player in supporting capacity development activities undertaken in the region.


The government of Panama is a host country for UNHRD and generously contributes to the operating costs of the Panama depot.


Since 2013, Switzerland has been a regular and generous supporter of the UNHRD network. They provide yearly financial contributions and, thanks to a stand-by partnership agreement, have seconded experienced staff to work with UNHRD. Switzerland’s support allows UNHRD to better serve the humanitarian community, by helping improve operational effectiveness in the six hubs and diversifying the services offered to UNHRD’s partners.


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a longstanding supporter of UNHRD, having generously contributed to the set-up of the network. Today, they kindly provide the facilities for the Dubai hub within the International Humanitarian City (IHC) and contribute to its operating costs. In addition, the IHC regularly provides support during emergency operations, such as facilitating airlifts.