Supporting the humanitarian community

The United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot (UNHRD) is a network of strategically located hubs for prepositioning relief items and humanitarian support equipment.

We provide holistic solutions facilitating humanitarian response.

UNHRD is a network of hubs located in Ghana, Italy, UAE, Malaysia, and Panama that procures, manages and transports emergency supplies for the humanitarian community. It is a one stop shop for partners, offering free storage, procurement, transport, handling, and technical field expertise. Partners can request services in any region and can coordinate their response efforts, lend and borrow stock, and access unbranded items.

Partner with us
Asset 769
Five locations
Strategically located near major ports and airports
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Storage at no cost
Stock management including receipt, inspection, storage and handling
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Procurement and transport services
Established long term agreements with suppliers globally
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HRD Field Team deployment
Technical field team to install equipment

Latest Operational Updates

Take a look at UNHRD’s Activity Report, where you can see an overview of our most recently completed operations, and if you are looking for specific information, use the filters.

See our Activity Report

Our hubs

UNHRD has hubs located across Europe, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Latin America. Click on the icons below for facility information and a virtual tour of each hub location.