Our Services

Our Services

UNHRD is a platform established by WFP to provide wide-ranging support services for the humanitarian community
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Our services include providing free storage for emergency supplies including medical kits, shelter items and operations support equipment on behalf of our partners through our network of five strategically located hubs. We also offer procurement, transport and technical services, as well as support for innovation through our research and development unit, specialised learning programmes and dedicated training facilities. 

Supply chain solutions

Supply chain solutions

We offer a full range of supply chain solutions to our partners, providing a “one-stop shop” for procurement, storage, transport, handling and technical support. Partners in any region can request services 24/7 via our centralized Customer Service mailbox.

Our goal is to support partners in responding faster, better and more effectively to emergencies, getting essential support to people in need. By prepositioning equipment and relief items at UNHRD warehouses, humanitarian organizations can be better prepared to respond swiftly at the onset of emergencies, providing rapid support to the affected population and ultimately saving lives. We can increase speed and efficiency by dispatching vital supplies and equipment immediately, and giving partners the option to reduce transport costs by combining cargo. We also facilitate the loan of stocks between organizations.

Our Hubs

Our network of five strategically located humanitarian support hubs provide free storage and easy access to essential supplies along with technical support, enabling the international humanitarian community to respond quickly and effectively to people in need.

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Our hub in Accra started operating in 2007. Since then, it has been critical in enabling emergency preparedness and response efforts in Western Africa and across the African continent. The Government of Ghana generously hosts our hub in premises adjacent to the Kotoka International Airport where, in addition to warehousing facilities, we have space for trainings and workshops.



3,600 m²
Covered space
1,400 m²
Open storage
500 m³
Temperature-controlled space (18-23 °C)
40 m³
Cold Room (below -5°C)
450 m²
Office space
400 m²
Training centre


Our hub in Brindisi was the first UNHRD established in 2000 and, based on its succesful model, WFP created a global network. The Italian Ministry of Defence generously hosts our hub within the Brindisi military airport, where we maintain a warehouse facility primarily for temperature-sensitive stocks and for cargo preparation, and within the San Vito dei Normanni military installation, where additional warehouses, office space and the training centre are located.

8,500 m²
Covered space
3,900 m²
Open storage
900 m²
Temperature-controlled space (18-23°C)
40 m²
Cold Room
1,000 m²
Office space
950 m²
Training centre
Asset 880
45 pax


Our hub in Dubai plays a leading role in emergency preparedness and response efforts worldwide. The creation of the UNHRD Network started with the establishment of this hub in 2006. The Government of Dubai generously hosts our hub within the International Humanitarian City (IHC), an independent free zone created to support humanitarian operations. 

11,500 m²
Covered space
1,000 m²
Open storage
3,360 m²
Temperature-controlled space (108-23°C)
100 m³
Cold Room (below -5°C)
1,900 m²
Office space

Kuala Lumpur

Our hub in Kuala Lumpur formally started operating in 2012. During the Tsunami response in 2004, Malaysia hosted a UNHRD staging area to store and further dispatch relief items and equipment to the affected areas. It is also based on this experience that WFP created the UNHRD network.  The Government of Malaysia generously hosts our hub in premises adjacent to the Royal Malaysian Air Force Subang Air Base and Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport. In addition to warehousing facilities, the hub has space for trainings and workshops.

9,980 m²
Covered space
2,000 m²
Open storage
1,192 m²
Temperature-controlled space (18 - 23° C)
42 m²
Cold Room (below -5°C)
921 m²
Office space
105 m²
Training centre


Operating since 2007, our hub in Panama City plays a leading role in emergency preparedness and response efforts in Latin American and the Caribbean. Previously located at the Pacífico international airport, it is now hosted by the Ministry of Government at the Regional Logistic Centre for Humanitarian Assistance (CLRAH).  


4,100 m²
Covered space
6,200 m²
Open storage
1,100 m²
Temperature-controlled space (18-23°)
23,6 m³
Cold Room (below -5°C)
342 m²
Office space
282 m³
Freezing Room
UNHRD Panama - warehouse

Standard services

All standard UNHRD services are offered free of charge to authorised users. These services include free storage of emergency relief items, stock reporting, inspection services, handling or cargo and management of import and export documentation. For a full list, see our Standard Operating Procedures.

  • Receipt of stock into HRD
  • Storage, including for temperature-sensitive supplies
  • Inspection of Stocks
  • Regular / routine storekeeping
  • Handling within HRD premises
  • Preparation of import and export documentation
  • Issuing of stock reports
  • Access to the website
  • Access to HRD premises
UNHRD Specific services

Specific services

UNHRD also provides specific services on request, based on full cost recovery. These services include stock maintenance, offloading and and transfer of unpalletized cargo and cargo requiring special equipment, training facilities and services and technical support in the field. For a full list, see our Standard Operating Procedures.

  • Procurement of emergency relief items
  • Procurement of transport services
  • Specific Maintenance
  • Repackaging and reconfiguration of stocks
  • Offloading and transfer of unpalletized cargo
  • Outbound cargo handling and shunting
  • Facilities for trainings and events
  • Organization of trainings
  • Technical Assistance in the field
  • Offloading and transfer of cargo requiring special equipment

Download the Standard Operating Procedures

UNHRD specialized trainings

Specialized training

In addition to warehousing facilities, UNHRD provides a range of fully equipped training services and facilities across the Network where various humanitarian trainings can be held. Moreover, as part of WFP’s efforts to enhance emergency preparedness and disaster response, humanitarian organizations can also use UNHRD’s training facilities for scenario-based exercises and simulations to prepare local partners, government counterparts, contractors and WFP staff for the field.