1.1 Receive new UNHRD Customer NFI/Service Request

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Receive new UNHRD Customer NFI/Service Request
Performer: Customer Service
Role: C.S. Representatives
Transaction : Corporate e-mail

The request is received into the general Customer Service e-mail account (UNHRD.customerservice@wfp.org). The local HRD Customer Service representative picks up the requests pertaining to his/her specific Hub; however, in case of urgent requests he/she can also process service requests directed to other Hubs. As a general rule, when a local Customer Service staff processes the Inquiry, the Quotation and the PI, he/she will complete the entire sales process until the Final Invoice is raised. If the C.S. representative processes service directed to other Hubs, he/she passes over the sale as soon as the effected Hubs return to be operative.

It is recommended to open an Inquiry against each request received, to allow the tracking of number of requests that eventually abort before quotations, sales and/or provision of services.

As per UNHRD Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) UCS staff should always remind the partners that the manager of the HRD involved in the transaction should be copied on the email sent to UCS mailbox (referring to the relevant contacts – in particular, the Releasing authorities for HRD stocks - in the fact-sheets in Annex 5 and/or the UNHRD website: www.unhrd.org), and that, in the subject line of the email, the name of the involved country/destination and the Inquiry, Quotation, Sales Order or PI number should always be mentioned.

In general all mails from UCS mailbox should be signed with the UCS reppresentative Name and Last name and the text “UNHRD Customer Service” as second line, without reporting the hub he/she belongs to:

Name Last-name
UNHRD Customer Service

This is because the Partners' needs can be satisfied by accessing a single entry point and with same standards that can be provided similarly by the 5 separate offices/UCS locations. In any case, us of personal corporate mail account should be avoided to communicate with Partners (both internal and external) unless exceptional circumstances apply.