11.4 Inbound flow monitor

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Putaway thru TRANSFER ORDER from GR
Performer: Warehouse staff
Role: Warehouse roles
Transaction : WingsII – LB10

Post Good Receipt against PO for NFI and POWM

In case after the posting of GR against PONFs (with Q as account assignment) and POWMs, the system does not drive to the creation of transfer order directly, or in case the putaway action has to be performed on a later stage and/or by another staff member than the one performed the GR posting, the following 2 options should be followed:

OPTION 1: Follow the menu path described below or run transaction code LB10:

Logistics > Logistics Execution > Inbound Process > Goods Receipt for Purchase Order, Order, Other transaction > Putaway > Create Transfer Order > For Storage Type


Insert the Warehouse Number, tick the box “Status: Open” in the “Status of Movement” section and click on Prc 26.png: