11.4 Inbound flow monitor

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Putaway thru TRANSFER ORDER from GR
Performer: Warehouse staff
Role: Warehouse roles
Transaction : WingsII – LB10

Post Good Receipt against PO for NFI and POWM

In case after the posting of GR against PONFs (with Q as account assignment) and POWMs, the system does not drive to the creation of transfer order directly, or in case the putaway action has to be performed on a later stage and/or by another staff member than the one performed the GR posting, the following 2 options should be followed:

OPTION 1: Follow the menu path described below or run transaction code LB10:

Logistics > Logistics Execution > Inbound Process > Goods Receipt for Purchase Order, Order, Other transaction > Putaway > Create Transfer Order > For Storage Type


Insert the Warehouse Number, tick the box “Status: Open” in the “Status of Movement” section and click on Prc 26.png:


Choose the material document that we want to process by clicking on selection square:


Click on TR4.png tab and follow the steps to create a standard Transfer Order:


Leave the palletization as proposed by the system and click on for TR6.png for "Putaway in Foreground". Select the proper Storage Unit Type and tick the Confirm box:


Fill in with the best Storage Type and Storage Bin. The system proposed the information starting from the putaway strategy recorded in the material master database for each material, if any; in case an alternative storage type and/or Storage Bin has to be selected, just enter the information in the Destination data and click on 1.5 1.png:


The system asks to check the information entered. Click again on 1.5 1.png as many times as needed:


Click on TR10.png to continue with the next line item that requires to be processed:


Click on 1.5 1.png as many times as needed.

Select TR10.png to make sure there are no more selectable items. If all the items of the GR have been processed the system displays the Overview for Transfer Requirement as fulfilled:


Click 1.2.2 15.png to save the Transfer Order.