3.18 Check Internal Customer Purchase Order

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Check Internal Customer Purchase Order
Performer: Customer Service
Role: C.S. Representatives
Transaction : WingsII – ME23N

Check the individual Purchase Order lines and ensure the following:

1. The PO is released;
2. The total PO value corresponds to the PI total value;
3. Account Assignment Category (AAC): for items whose unit cost exceeds 5,000 USD (including the transport costs) AAC is ‘A’;
4. Transport service is capitalized on the Assets if any, otherwise it can be listed as single line
5. MCR line is procured against Material Group = U002001; INTL SERV-MCR(UNHRD);
6. Services are procured against Material Group = U002002; INTL SERV-FEE (UNHRD).
7. The SO line fields have been entered as detailed in the instructions provided to the Partner.

In case of discrepancies ask the Partner to amend the PO accordingly.