3.22 Direct Delivery

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Third Order Sales
Performer: Customer Service & Logistics
Role: C.S. Representatives, Logistics & Finance
Transaction : Corporate e-mail

In case of Direct Delivery Order process, by meaning those sales that involve direct delivery of goods from supplier’ location to HRD Partner’s (see picture below as reference) the following procedure applies after goods are procured:

  • UCS staff issue the Inquiry, quotation and Sales Order by following the instructions in Chapter Chapter 1.2 Create Inquiry and Chapter Chapter 2.7 Create Quotation
  • UCS and Logistics staff follow the instructions on chapter 5 to create Outbound Delivery for Direct Delivery process
  • UCS tracks and follows up with supplier to ascertain status of shipment and advise Consignee accordingly; pre-alerts the arrival of cargo to final destination. Once suppliers' advise on final delivery is received, UCS staff must follow up with Partners to collect their confirmation of receipt of the goods.
  • In case of internal Partners, when consignee receives the goods, the CO (requestor) raises the GR against the ZINT PO and informs UCS staff accordingly. If GR posting is delayed against ZINT PO, Finance should follow up with CO.
  • UCS staff sends the Inspection Report issued from the ZINT PO (same process applied on standard GR against PONF) to collect CO’s signature as proof of the fact that the items are in line with PO specifications.
  • In case of external Partners, a signed shipping document from consignee is required as per SOP’s para 6.2.
  • Only once the GR is issued against the ZINT PO or the signed shipping document is collected from External Partner, the UCS staff at involved hub raises the GR against the PONF issues from HRD Procurement to supply the goods to the HRD Partner. In the meantime Logistics staff records the Proof of Delivery in the system
  • UCS staff provides HRD Finance and Procurement with GRN ref. no together with the signed IR from the CO or with the signed shipping document from the External Partner, in order to proceed with payment to supplier.

NOTE: the above applies either if PONF includes procurement of items and their transport to final destination or if PONF is for NFI only (EXWORKS as Incoterms applies) and a separate TPO is issued to delivery the items to final destination.

The figure below shows in brief the Direct Delivery process: